Everything you need to remove safely, take care of, and store your tape in extensions. A favorite of Abelia Salon above other solutions, Flaunt removal solution will leave your hair clean, without oil or dryness. Foam Reinstallation Board offers rows & left right organization to track origional placement and safely store hair investment. Necissary Pro Tail Comb included for complete seperation and gentle removal of medical grade adhesives.

FLAUNT Tape-In Removal Kit

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    • On clean, washed and dried hair section with Pro Tail comb the bottom row of extensions.
    • Spray liberally extension remover at base of extensions and let absorb for 5-15 seconds.
    • Gently insert Pro Tail Comb tip in between the adhesive and hair peices to seperate both sides of extensions from either side of the hair. expect to see shedding as it was inside extension tape for 6 weeks +. This is normal. Use more adhesive spray as needed. Do not force, it will slide apart when done correctly.
    • Apply both side of the extension side-by-side in cooresponding ledft/right and bottom top map within the Foam Board supplied. 
    • Bottom row up, clipping hair above out of the way. 
    • Wash twice, and condition.
    • Store extensions in a cool dry place.