Fullness, Volume, &  Length. 

Extension Services to fit all  lifestyles. 

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Temporary, removable hair that can last years.

Do it yourself instant style, full length

Can be shaped and color-matched to your hair.Experience a trendy classic style on a whim. 


Tape-In Extensions

Add length, volume & instantly change the cut to fit your desired look. Mini volume & Full head install available.

Mini $60+

Volume & Length $90+

Hand Tied Extensions

Adding volume and length for an active lifestyle. Perfect for those wanting hard to achieve blondes. 

Consult $30 + extension investment

cost of consult is credited to installation price. Extension cost can vary length + rows needed-desired

Initial appointment includes a custom color on extensions & cut

1 row volume maintenance $250+

 2 row lift & length maintenance $300+

3 row transformation maintenance $350+

Hand tied extension client at Abelia Sal


After photo hand tied extension client A

Next Step:

  • Schedule a consult where we determine the method, choose the amount, length, and color of hair needed.

  • Hair is prepaid during our consult for ordering and is a non-refundable retail item. Scheduling the extensions install service and any other color matching needs are also done at this time.

  • Know your hair is coming from the best names and is 100% Remy human hair. Please note, Abelia Salon does not install hair purchased elsewhere. Please see our policies.

  • We will need to ensure your at-home care and products are appropriate for Extension use.

  • Return appointments range from 6-9 weeks

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After photo hand tied extension client A

Mini Tape-Ins for Fullness



Can't get that fullness in your cut? Want instant highlights? Add 2-3 tape in extensions on either side. Fast & flexible.

  • 6-7 week maintenance 

  • Starts at $54

  • Haircut not included


Hand Tied for Length & Volume

Most natural and durable, hand-tied wefts are a favorite for many. Fullness and length can be maximized. Expect tons of compliments.

First appointment includes:

  • Custom extension color match to your hair

  • Cut to blend

  • Extensions pack (1-5)

  • Starts at $450 including hair... for a quote for your look, schedule your extensions consult. Price will be determined with the amount of hair and rows required to give you the results you're looking for.



Halo Temporary Hair Extensions

Screen Shot 2021-11-08 at 1.08.45 AM.png
Screen Shot 2021-11-08 at 1.08.56 AM.png

Zero commitment and all the fun, Halos are an easy-on-easy-off solution to needing to look good in a flash, date night, and special occasions.
Comes in

  •  Bangs (start at $75)

  • Original Halo (start at $320)

  • ​Layered Halo

  • ​The Pony

  • ​Toppers

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