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Abelia Policies



If you are unable to keep your appointment time, please let us know 48 hours in advance. Your courtesy allows us to fill the time and prevent loss of income.

Appointments canceled less than 48 hours before the scheduled time incur a cancellation fee of 50% of service cost.

No-shows incur a fee of 100% of the appointment cost. Notice agreement to cancellation policy is required for online scheduling and is required for your pre-consult form to be submitted.


For insurance reasons, and the need for proper material safety data, we are not able to accommodate or allow product brought in from outside of Abelia Salon. This includes hair purchased for extensions.

No exceptions, thank you for understanding.


We are unable to offer returns or exchanges for retail products purchased in the salon. Please notify us of any allergies or skin sensitivities so we can assist you in choosing products that you will be happy with.


You will receive an appointment confirmation 3 days before your appointment via email and/or text with instructions to confirm or reschedule.

Please note these are automated text messages and Abelia Salon does not receive any text messaging.

Please follow the instructions to confirm your appointment or request to reschedule. If you are enrolled in online booking, you can log in and reschedule your appointment at your convenience.


Using salon professional products for at home care protects the health of your hair and longevity of your color service once you leave the salon.

If you choose to use products not purchased at Abelia Salon or through our Affiliate Links, we cannot guarantee the authenticity of your products or the longevity of your results once you leave Abelia Salon.

Products can be purchased on our website or in salon, and we are happy to make recommendations for the best products for your hair color, texture, and desired results.


Clients who are late may need to be rescheduled for some or all of the booked services depending on time constraints.

Appointment will be charged full price of the amount that was scheduled.


Abelia Salon requires a credit card on file and non-refundable retainer to book your appointment. 

For appointments cancelled outside the 48 hour window, your retainer will be applied as a credit to your account and can be used towards your next appointment. (See cancellation policy)


Cell phones must be on silent or vibrate, and calls will be appreciated if they are taken outside of the main salon floor.

While we enjoy our younger clientele and appreciate parents thinking of us, even the best behaved children are subject to elements of danger in the salon (hot irons, sharp scissors, glass shelves, etc), and we ask that you refrain from bringing children to your appointment unless your child is receiving services as well.

Thank you for understanding.


There may be times we require a clarification detox treatment before a chemical service. This is intended to prevent a chemical reaction that can possibly result in hair damage. The integrity of your hair is our top priority.

All first time color clients will receive a detox treatment to remove buildup and minerals to ensure best results in health, color and styling ease. Minerals, if left on the hair, fight with lightener, cause damage during the lightening process, hide hair's true color, and make the hair more tangly, dull, and flat. The detox will take 45 minutes and cost is $35.

Cancelation Poliy
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