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Be Change, Be Love, Be Well



Be Change. Our mission is to be the change for good. Elevate lives through luxury Wellness salon services and bring energy, love, and ingenuity to the world through exceptionally caring services while inspiring greater environmental and humanitarian practices through our business.

 Be love.  We are driven to provide sincere care, knowledge, education, and fashion-forward looks that enhance the self-esteem, compassion, and self-confidence of the customers we serve. Love yourself with care and compassion.

Be well. Wellness practices are encouraged and lived with our clients and team. We are passionate about delivering the latest technology in Wellness Services to the Oregon Coast. Live a more fulfilled, adventurous lifestyle.


Get the transformational results you crave while nourishing the health and vitality of your hair.

We specialize in healthy hair treatments, curly & textured hair, extensions for volume and length, and color designed for a great grow out. Energy Healing and love is a core ingredient in all services.

Hair magic happens on a journey. We set long-term hair goals with every client and design each appointment around reaching those goals.



Shed light on your needs and wants and illuminate your capacity to learn, know, respect, and love yourself.

Self care and wellness practices are vital to maintaining healthy scalp, hair, and mitigating hair loss. If we don't take the time for wellness, we will be forced to spend time with illness.


Explore our energy healing, hypnosis and relaxation services. Complimentary aromatherapy with every appointment. 


We believe in being the change that creates a better world. We choose Eco-friendly product lines and our salon is the first sustainable and cruelty-free salon on the Oregon Coast!


We are proudly certified by Green Circle Salonswhich means all salon waste, (including hair, foils, and color) are recovered, recycled, and repurposed!

While we carry multiple product lines to meet the needs of all our guests, our best selling line is certified organic, uses recycled packaging materials, and we offer a refill program for your shampoo & conditioner bottles with a 20% off savings!

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