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Wellness Stylist


  • Live a better salon life and plan a better future.

  • Prioritize health, as health IS beauty

  • Be the change you want to see in the world. Join the Oregon Coasts 1st Sustainable Wellness Salon 

  • Grow as a team, with pride, knowing you're part of a leading-edge Mindfulness business model

  •  Expand skills in  hair painting & seasonal color planning

  • Specialize hair and scalp treatments, extensions, and intentional relaxation techniques.

  • Learn Curly cut and style methods designed for the coastal atmosphere and meet the needs of all hair types.

  • Enjoy a relaxed environment that offers clients Wellness Services such as Soundbathing, color therapy, meditation, healing touch, and other methods to intentional relaxation.


More than a Stylist...

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Hey! glad you're here.

Abelia Salon is all about growth and we hope you are too! We are always open to meet that perfect new team member as life is abundant in many ways.

You must be curious about what's possible and what we're about... 
We believe in the power of confidence, self care, love, and living out loud. 

We believe life is short, have fun, and plan for the best future imaginable. We believe those who dare to be authentic, vulnerable, and different pave the way for the future and the rest of the world.


That those who stay the same get left behind, while those who are ready to pioneer and go big, win the best prize of all; a sense of purpose and passion for the transformation that occurs internally and externally in ones life when one says yes to a Wellness Lifestyle. 

If you are ready to be part of something greater, of the newest movement in the hair industry since the invention of perms, then now is the time to connect! Can't wait to chat with you!

We currently have a Wellness Stylist training program leading into booth rental available for a stylist who is eager to learn, grow, and level up the services you offer! Potential for employee/assistant combined with booth rental.


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