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Wellness Stylist Movement 

  • Enjoy a better salon life, where 6 hour client days are encouraged, reception is taken care of, and loving support is #1

  • Prioritize health in services and in lifestyle

  • Be the change you want to see in the world. Oregon Coasts 1st Sustainable Wellness Salon 

  • Grow as a team, with pride, knowing you're part of a leading-edge Mindfulness business model

  •  We are gender-neutral, inclusive, and LGBTQ-friendly.

  • Specialties include hair and scalp treatments, extensions, natural texture, and intentional relaxation techniques.

  • Grow your curly cut and style methods designed for the coastal atmosphere.

  • Enjoy a relaxed environment that offers clients Wellness Services such as Soundbathing, color therapy, meditation, Reiki healing touch, and other methods to intentional relaxation.

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More than a Stylist...

Dear wonderful human,
I know you're tired, wanting, support, and freedom to be the person of your dream life. I know you're here for a reason, with bigger dreams than your current life... wanting motivation and a safe space to grow. I want that for you too. 
Wouldn't it be perfect if we vibed right away? We believe in signs, good energy, and the power of intention. I have to warn you- if you are looking for a 40 hour, fast-paced salon gig... this isn't that. 

We play spa music, practice self-care, love on the salon dog, and work with gentle low-toxicity organic products ensuring a long and happy body and career. If this resonates, then let's how we can live our best salon life together.


We currently have a Wellness Stylist training program leading into booth rental available for a stylist who is eager to learn, grow, and level up the services you offer!

Potential for employee/assistant or booth rental.


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