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Welcome Inspirational Healers...

Join Us:
Holistic Hair Stylists
Holistic Skin Care
​Massage Therapists
Reiki Practitioners

Dear wonderful human,
If you signed up for Cosmetology/Massage College because you wanted to help people feel good and be a leader in holistic business & self-love... This is your sign. We are growing our team and need professionals who are ready to heal & nurture through self-care and beauty routines.

- Modern, holistic beauty care
- Self-Love Coach training
- Educate our community in sustainability
and holistic ingredients
- Reiki 1 & 2
- Embrace natural textures 

- Reflexology
- Be part of the Salon/Spa evolution
- Authentic & creative social media marketing
- Discover hidden talents in creativity & business


- 20-30 hour weeks with flexible time off
- Gender-neutral service menu
- Sustainable practices & Organic products
- Gentle, low-toxic products that are easy on your hands
- Calm, spa environment
- Training in lived-in cut, color, and wellness

- Hour Lunch

- Personal development

- Option to work from home  one day a week creating content

- Salon Dog (Willow)

- 401K after a year of working full time

- Chill salon team, no gossip

Join the
Wellness Stylist Movement 

  • Enjoy a better salon life, where 6 hour client days are encouraged, reception is taken care of, and loving support is #1

  • Prioritize health in services and in lifestyle

  • Be the change you want to see in the world. Oregon Coasts 1st Sustainable Wellness Salon 

  • Grow as a team, with pride, knowing you're part of a leading-edge Mindfulness business model

  •  We are gender-neutral, inclusive, and LGBTQ-friendly.

  • Specialties include hair and scalp treatments, extensions, natural texture, and intentional relaxation techniques.

  • Grow your curly cut and style methods designed for the coastal atmosphere.

  • Enjoy a relaxed environment that offers clients Wellness Services such as Soundbathing, color therapy, meditation, Reiki healing touch, and other methods to intentional relaxation.

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We currently have a treatment room available for massage or facials, and an employee-based Wellness Stylist training program leading into booth rental available for a stylist who is eager to learn, grow, and level up the services you offer!

Potential for employee/assistant or booth rental.


Thank you for submitting! Your responses have been sent. Looking forward to connecting!

Abelia Salon- flower.png
Join our team


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