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Abelia New Client Cut

A Cut appointment with an extended consult to go over history, get to know you and your lifestyle, and educate our clients with best tips and tricks. Mini detox and amino acid treatment included, wash and style with hot towels and aromatherapy.


Best for: Our first appointment together

Abelia Cut with Hair & Scalp Facial 


Get the best shortcut for looking and feeling amazing every day with a haircut that's customized to complement your style and face. Relax, invigorate and detox with a deep mineral wash and deep condition mask for healthy hair & scalp.


Best for: Existing Clients. Hair above shoulders choose midi cut, hair below shoulders choose Long Cut.

Abelia Curls Cut

Celebrate your hair's natural texture and beauty with a DevaCuts haircut that shapes each individual coil, curl, and wave. 


Best for: hair that's usually worn curly or wavy

Fringe Trim  

Enhance your face shape and craft a unique blend of softness and edge with a customized bangs trim.  


Best for: maintaining your fringe in between haircut appointments

Detox Steam Bath

Say goodbye to dullness, soothe dandruff, and uncover your hair's true shine and vitality by removing build-up from salt air, heavy minerals, and hair products. Required for our first-time guests safety.

Best for: dandruff and dullness 

Best with: all cuts, pre-color, Olaplex, Strength Mask

Strength Mask

Infuse strength and power to your hair while rebuilding hair that is fine, damaged, or fragile. Vital to strengthen Platinum Card color treatments, as your hair proteins will be soft and weakened after dramatic blonding. 

Best for: tangles and breakage

Best with: all cuts, post- highlight

Olaplex Bond

Prolong color, repair split ends, and add bounce to your curls with our industry's very first hair rebonder. 8 patents to rebond disulfide bonds--the protein structure that gives your hair its shape, elasticity, and strength. 

Best for: curl bounce, smoothness, tangles, and dullness

Best with: length and curl cuts, all color

HydroKelp Mask

Improve hair texture and add long-lasting moisture with a mineral-rich seaweed mask that deeply nourishes and hydrates your scalp and hair.  

Best for: dullness, dryness, smoothness

Best with: curl styles, flat Iron

Blowout with Hair & Scalp Facial $75

Relaxing Blowout with aromatherapy and lasting shine. Invigorate and detox with a deep mineral wash and deep condition mask followed by a tailored blowout and style for a healthy long lasting look.

Peppermint Scalp Treatment $45

Treat your scalp and senses to an invigorating scalp treatment that relieves a dry, itchy scalp and infuses your hair with a lovely shine. An uplifting 45-minute treatment, finished with a simple style

Best for: dandruff, dullness, dryness 

Dual Rescue Detox


Give your hair a clean slate with a Detox Steam Bath and Olaplex Bond treatment that soothes hair and scalp symptoms and reinvigorates your hair's protein structure.  A relaxing 60-minute treatment, finished with a simple style. 

Best for: dandruff, dryness, dullness, damage, tangles, curl bounce, and smoothness

Perfect Trinity Treatment

Treat your hair and scalp to the ultimate trio of hair-resurrecting treatments. Kiss your hair and scalp complaints goodbye with a Steam Detox Bath, Olaplex Bond, and choice of Strength Mask, Hydro Kelp Mask, or Peppermint Scalp Treatment. A deeply cleansing and nourishing 105-minute treatment, finished with a simple style.

Best for: dandruff, dryness, dullness, damage, weakness, tangles, curl bounce, and smoothness

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