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I'm Abbey Rose

Your healthy hair specialist

Abelia Salon Logo _To Breathe_

I’ve been a hair stylist for 20 years, and a Sustainable Salon owner since 2009. I love helping people change how they see themselves and opening possibilities of who & what they are, and what they can become.


I come from generations of artists, and being a hair stylist combines my passion for painting and sculpting with my love of making people laugh and smile!


A unique experience

Your salon experience will give you back time at home through tips and tricks for easy hair! Expect styling tutorials, education, and services designed for easy maintenance tailored to your lifestyle.

Hair magic happens on a journey and I set long term hair goals with my clients, so if you're into dating a lot of stylists I'm probably not for you. 

I want everyone feeling relaxed when they leave, so expect aromatherapy, energy healing, and laughter!

In addition to helping clients achieve the hair they’ve always dreamed of, I’m also trained in intuitive arts (tarot readings, mediumship, shamanic practices), certified Reiki Master, Master Neurolinguistic Pattern & Mindset Coach, Master Practitioner Hypnotherapist & Emotional Freedom Techniques, and I coach other hairstylists to more magic, joy, and freedom behind the chair!

Abbey Rose Joshua Tree.jpg

Beyond the salon...

My family is from the Bay Area, CA and I love to visit!


I love the rain, being outdoors (beach walks and hikes with my Australian Shepherd, Willow), and am a firm believer that popcorn can be a complete meal. I come from 3 generations of chefs and love food and ceremony.


Book a consultation or new guest service for a uniquely relaxing & healing experience that you won’t find elsewhere on the Oregon Coast!

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