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Hair Day is a "thing"...

So often visiting a new salon and stylist can be unnerving. Even going to a well known stylist that you have been loyal to with the idea of a transformation or new look can have a touch of apprehension. There are so many things that add up to a great experience, something worth looking forward to, a place you know is going to feel good coming to. What is it that brings you joy when you walk into a business? I am a firm believer in a vibe and tribe that brings out the best (or peace) in us. With so many options it can be hard to pick the perfect place to spend our time, money, and energy… Especially now when we have so much on our to do list, our time becomes so important.

Relaxation is a goal with every appointment and service at Abelia Salon
Find yourself a stylist with strong healing hands and drift away

Hair day is a thing. It should be our down time, an hour or two where the focus is making your life easier. Where you are waited on and rejuvenated, with women that open your heart to greater self love. You should leave feeling more relaxed, shiny and new. Plan ahead so that your me-time doesn’t get squashed by the looming to-do list and needs of work and home. If you need to carve time out of work or get a babysitter/errand person in advance so you can take care of your hair and skin (and spirit) once a month … aren’t you worth it?

Gone are the days of the workaholic supermom. People no longer want a basic consumer experience in attempt to fill an empty cup. It’s now, more so than ever, about  quality time, connection, and evolution in human experience. You can go anywhere to get your highlights.

I propose an experience that changes what you feel is possible for yourself, where there is greater value placed on YOU, because you are a gift that is worth celebrating. If that statement feels weird, then know that greater self love starts with the belief that you are more than you imagined. Allow your outside to reflect what you want to manifest with greater health in hair and skin. Treat yourself with easier to manage ( and quicker to style) hair through the right hair treatments, cut, and color that fits your lifestyle.

Let hair day be a thing you look forward to. It’s a thing at Abelia Salon.

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