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Botanical Facials


Seaweed Fusion Facial

Rejuvenate the tone and texture of your skin with all the elements of a classic European facial: cleansing, exfoliating, extracting, and moisturizing. Each facial is customized to best support your skin. 

Best for: first-time facials and routine maintenance. 

Four Layer Facial 

Reveal your skin's health and radiance with four layers of nutrient-dense seaweed serums and masks that detoxify, balance, hydrate, and nourish. 

Best for: anti-aging


Chakra Facial


Treat your entire being to an intuitive facial that cares for your energy as much as your skin. Alongside supporting the health, texture, and radiance of your skin, each Chakra Facial includes acupressure and an empathic reading and clearing of your seven chakras. 

Best for: an enriching, relaxing, and rejuvenating self-care session 

Akashic Facial 


Nurture the health of your soul and of your skin with an intuitive facial that bring's forth answers to your soul's questions while revealing your best skin. Each Akashic Facial includes all elements of the Chakra Facial and a reading of the Akashic Records to support and strengthen your soul's journey. 

Best for: practicing self-care and intentional relaxation that promotes self-healing and clarity through change, challenges, and transitions

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