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Abelia Salon Newport Oregon, South of Li

Other salons give you a look...

Abelia Salon gives you a feeling.

Welcome to Abelia Salon,

sustainable, cruelty-free, and holistic in our client care.

Beauty from the inside out
through relaxation, beauty ceremony, energy healing, and easy-to-style well taken care of locks.

Client Experience & Reviews

Our clients leave feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and with a look that compliments their face shape, wardrobe, vibe, & lifestyle!

"As a fellow hairdresser, I’m super picky about who does my hair. I am always so happy with Abbey’s work!!! She’s the only one who has touched my hair since moving to Newport. She listens and does an incredible scalp massage. The infusing of energy work and crystal singing bowls is amazing. The combination of relaxing in the stylist’s chair and mind/body/soul wellness is next level. Jen also is amazing in the treatment room with reiki! Can’t go wrong with scheduling here. 10/10 recommend."
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