Meet The Team

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Abbey Rose

CEO + Abelia's Hair Magician

  • Born and raised in the PNW

  • Loves rain!

  • Extroverted Introvert

  • Will make you laugh on your worst day



Customer Care Assistant 

& Reiki Practitioner

  • PNW transplant, born & raised in the midwest

  • Loves storms on the beach

  • Total introvert



Salon Dog

  • Excellent at herding cats

  • Loves treats and scratches

  • Also an introvert, prefers low voices, calm, gentle. **excited wandering people may be subject to herding, lol

Abbey has 20 years of experience behind the chair and 10 as a certified energy healer and coach.  

Her family is from the Bay Area, CA and she loves to visit. She believes in being the change, making space for growth, and that popcorn can be a complete meal. She comes from 3 gen Chefs and loves food and ceremony.

Time is precious, as is every soul.


Jen is a certified Reiki II Practitioner, with a passion for making a difference in people's lives and helping others get in touch with their inner peace.

In her spare time, you'll find her reading, spending time at the beach, watching college football with her husband, and training with her oversized and enthusiastic black lab puppy.


Jen Ye3rly and Abbey Rose the Abelia Sal
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