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Why doesn't Abelia Salon accept tips?

I've been thinking about tips, the history of, and how it impacts the in-salon experience for a few years now and I felt it was time to part ways with the old tipping model and process. Here is why...

  1. We want our clients to experience bliss the whole time you're in salon. Some find tipping stressful.

  2. There are other ways to show appreciation if the desire is there

  3. We are just as grateful and want what's best for all

  4. We want your your high-vibe hair experience to end by floating out of the healing space, not trying to do math to figure out the best way to share your appreciation.

You already share your appreciation by…

- Your loyalty

- Investing professional products from your local salon

- Referring your friends

- Sharing your experience with a review on Yelp, Google, FB

- Checking in and sharing on Facebook

We look forward to your appointments. To making you forget your troubles. Renewing your hair and scalp with that tingly fresh minty sensation with our energizing hair and scalp facials. We look forward to elevating your service experience every chance we get. To re-energize with relaxing atmosphere, aromatherapy, and reiki infused shampoos.

In a world that feels unpredictable and inescapably challenging… we look forward to reminding you of the light you have within. That you are of high value. That you deserve the best experience, compassion, love, and that you can choose to be whoever and whatever you desire. Today is the day to enjoy yourself. Hugs.

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